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Maybe you know the feeling?

You are behind, deadlines aren't met, your desktop is a mess, your inbox has run away, your overview is not what it used to be, and things are a bit like chaos. There's more than enough to do, and every day when you leave the office, you know that you could easily stay a few more hours.

When you finally have time off, your head is spinning with work-related tasks and you never have the feeling of really relaxing and recharging your mental batteries as you should. You're not entirely happy with your situation. But it doesn't have to be that way! There are many things you can do to improve your work situation.

When you follow our methods and principles, we guarantee a minimum of 30 more minutes each day.

You work with your own tasks from day 1. And the new tools and methods are used immediately.

Whether you choose a short, a longer or an individual training course, there is always ongoing personal follow-up.

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Working Together

In this course, you will learn

  • To work significantly more efficient

  • To get a 100% overview of all your work tasks

  • To plan and prioritize your tasks in a busy everyday life where things are constantly changing

  • To maintain a clean desk so that your focus is on your current task

  • To handle your emails according to two simple basic rules, so your inbox is at 0 all the time

  • To make time for immersion, so you have full focus on your large and important tasks with a strict deadline.

  • To be proactive instead of reactive, so you always know which tasks to handle tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and next week – with the certainty that you can achieve them.

  • To use a wide range of features in Outlook that can make your day easier and better.

  • To get a better work-life balance. Once you are in control of your tasks, you can cope with very heavy workloads without stress and relax 100% because you know you are on top of things.

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