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courses in preventing
work-related STRESS

content of the course

NYE Visioner has many years of experience in helping employees who are on their way to or have been affected by work-related stress. We have gathered our tools and experiences in a targeted individual stress concept that supports and trains the employee in new habits and working methods that lead to less stress.

The concept is a practical training course, with a strong follow-up part, and local anchoring by the employee's manager.

There are two target groups for this course:

  1. Employees affected by work-related stress who may be on their way to sick leave if action is not taken quickly.

  2. Employees who have been affected by work-related stress and are now returning to work - possibly at a reduced time.

​The problems that the course helps to solve can, for example:

  • The employee works significantly more than 37 hours per week, without this helping much on the total amount of work tasks.

  • There may be problems with quality, perhaps things are forgotten, etc.

  • The employee finds that nothing really succeeds, and that tasks, meetings, emails and disruptions have become too much.

 We help with the concrete tools and working methods for dealing with work-related stress so that the work is organized and solved more appropriately. We help the employee build new systems and tools to get a handle on their work situation.

Stressed Man

After the 3th individual meeting with the employee, where we have started to implement several tools and methods, a meeting with the employee's manager is agreed upon, where the action plan is presented. The manager will also receive a support tool with guidance on how best to support and help the employee going forward.

 Young Woman Contemplating

In this course, you will learn

  • To get a 100% overview of all your tasks.

  • Being able to plan and prioritize your tasks.

  • To be aware of the consequences of saying yes and no to tasks.

  • To get some tools to avoid the bad stress of the future.

  • Being at the forefront instead of being on the back edge.

  • Keeping track of your inbox every day.

  • Taking time off when you are off duty. Not just take time off - but mentally free!

We're moving out fast. NYE Visioner poses with a partner within 48 hours of the agreement being made. 

We meet with the employee and have a good dialogue about what has gone wrong and what the consequences have been and are about this.

Then we, together with the employee, put together the training course and agree where we take action. The course will be tailored to the individual employee's needs and we ensure that everything is done at the pace that suits the employee.

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