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We are different from our competitors, and we certainly make no secret of that!

When you participate in our training program, you are the one in focus. We start from your everyday life – it's not something we just say: We do it!


During our training programs, you get both knowledge and tools that make it easier to implement new work habits and make them work in your everyday life. It is only when things are incorporated into your everyday life that you have gained something from your temporal and financial investment. Therefore, our participants work with their tasks and emails, which means that on day 1 you are in the process of using the new tools and methods.

We follow up on a regularly basis. We know that changing habits requires time and an intense training program with follow-up as an essential part. This is something that is unfortunately often downgraded – with an unsatisfactory result.

All our training programs, therefore, contain personal feedback, with individual homework assignments that you need to work with to reach the goals you have set for your training and your personal development.

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WE DO THINGS to THE advantage of the CUSTOMER...

The use of the tools is adapted individually to ensure that the most value and ownership of the solutions are achieved.

The training takes place at your desk with your tasks and emails.

We only train small teams, otherwise, the individual gets far too little home.

No attendance - no payment! Is this also the case with your current supplier? 

We do not use PowerPoint; we have no fancy expressions or theories that work after 2-3 years. We believe that actions must work quickly, and they must be simple to implement.  All our training is organized according to these beliefs. You will already be able to feel the first improvements the day after the course.


We have many years of leadership and teaching experience in many different industries. We have trained more than 25,000 participants in a wide range of private and public companies - both in Denmark and abroad.

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We are constantly working to improve the quality of our work. Even minor details are constantly corrected so that our training methods, concepts and teaching materials are constantly updated with the latest knowledge in the field.

We make no secret of the fact that we are ambitious and want to be the best in the class.

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