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Personal Data Policy

Course activity

In some cases, we process personal data about you when you or your employer sign up for a course. We do this to ensure that you get the best course from us.

Categories of personal data

In connection with course activity, we process the personal data about you below:

  • Name, e-mail, phone number, title, company name, job level, course purchase and possibly EAN number, as well as any requisition/PO/Ref. number.

  • Your answers in evaluations.

Where do we get personal data about you from?

NYE Visioner can receive your personal data from yourself or your employer.

Storage of personal data

NYE Visioner retains personal data as long as there is a relevant interest in it, which is usually determined based on a concrete assessment of the importance of the data in conjunction with the applicable statute of limitations. If there is no relevant interest, storage will be carried out for up to 5 years.

NYE Visioner only store your personal data for its original purpose. NYE Visioner does not make personal data available to others for marketing purposes or similar purposes.

NYE Visioner retains the right to anonymize and subsequently use the anonymized data for statistical purposes at any time.

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