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why choose us?

The Secret of our Training

There are many factors behind our long-standing success:

  • The most important is that our concept is interconnected all around. It has taken us many years to develop our concept to perfection and we adjust continuously to make it better.

  • Next, tools and methods are made simple; – this makes implementation easier and the gains come faster.

  • The training is targeted and related to the individual needs, which is done through personal training. It also helps to maintain and build new work habits.

  • There is written feedback and homework assignments after each meeting with us. And additionally, there is our teaching material in the form of our books, which is also a supportive and enduring value. 

Better Work-life Balance

Many of our students are surprised at how much the new habits affect their private life. You will experience a mental surplus and will be able to cope with more.

When you are in control of your work life, it gives "peace of mind" and helps to enrich your private life. You relax and enjoy life. You will have more mental surplus, be happier and more present to your loved ones.

Besides, one should not underestimate that once you have had our concept incorporated into your work life, you can tolerate a very large work pressure and still be well functioning. At the same time, it is a protection against work-related stress. 

You can relax when you are free from your job because you have mastered your tasks in an order of priority. It has a huge meaning that you do not have to think about work when you take time off.

We teach in Danish, Swedish and English

We have ongoing tasks outside Denmark, and have been to the following countries and taught our concepts in personal efficiency:

  • USA

  • Switzerland

  • Lichtenstein

  • Sweden

  • Greece

  • Hong Kong

  • China

  • South Africa

  • Portugal

  • Spain

  • Canada

  • Turkey

More Time - greater Job Satisfaction

We work long hours every day, and we must do that for many years. It's not just about making money. We also strive for a job that satisfies us personally. At the same time, the job must develop us as human beings and be meaningful and it must contribute to a good purpose.

When you are in control of your work tasks it is more fun to go to work because you have more energy and mental surplus when you are in control of your things. It is great to go home and take time off without thinking about work and without being worried about all the tasks you have to do – you can do that because you are in control of things. You do not forget anything and can safely relax at home.

The extra surplus also means that you can take the time for a little chat with your colleagues at the coffee machine without feeling guilty.

When you are in control of your work tasks, it is also yourself who controls the day to a much greater extent instead of the day controlling you, if you are behind. You take control of your work-life and have more time for immersion, more present to your colleagues and you will get an overview that ensures that you work with the right tasks for you and the company.

Having more time and energy also makes it easier to develop at work. You can simply accommodate more.

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