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Maybe this situation is familiar to you?

The meeting agenda was sent out the day before the meeting. It was far from as well-worked as you would like. The meeting provides a great amount of information, which is discussed in many directions without structure and without any concrete decisions being taken. After the meeting, no one knows what is going to happen and what has been agreed upon.

You attend many meetings, and there are not many spare moments during the day, where you can be available to your employees, handle emails or maybe time to solve some of the tasks that you've taken on in your meetings. Preparations for most meetings are often done only 50%. You know it’s not good enough, but what can you do to change your work habits?

But it doesn't have to be that way! There are many things you can do to improve your work situation.

In a Meeting
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In this course, you will learn

  • That meeting management is a craft to be learned. We provide you with several concrete tools that make you a better and more efficient meeting facilitator.

  • What your responsibilities are, before, during and after a meeting

  • To prepare a new and different agenda that creates results and progress as an extension of your meetings and that "forces" meeting participants to get prepared for the meetings.

  • Using new tools to prepare systematically for your meetings – so you're better prepared in less time.

  • To handle different types of meetings.

  • That meetings should be prioritized equally with your other tasks.

  • To use dynamic meeting notes so that you do not forget to do what was agreed at the meeting and so that you can follow up on the tasks assigned to the other meeting participants.

  • To use a wide range of tools and methods to create better results in your meetings.

Save time

You will save a lot of time every day if you learn to work more efficiently. You will deliver better results once you're in control of your meetings. We will teach you that during the training.

We will take action right where the necessary behavior change is needed, and we won't let go until things are implemented and working for you.

The concrete methods are based on many years of experience in teaching individuals to work more efficiently – and it works! We guarantee that you will get significantly better and profitable meetings.

A wide range of tools and methods will be provided that can be used from day 1. Whether you choose short, longer or individual training, there is ongoing follow-up.

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