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You may know this?

  • You are behind and you feel the pressure more and more.

  • Deadlines are not met – you may even forget things.

  • You wish you had more time for management and employee development.

  • Things are not always followed up.

  • Your inbox is overloaded.

  • You lack an overview, and you are prioritizing from day-to-day. You are working in the short run, and there is a certain coincidence about the way you work.

  • The strategic plan is only worked on shortly before the next executive meeting.

  • There is not enough time to be visionary and think, "where are we in 1 or 2 years?"

  • Internal communication could be better – and gives rise to misunderstandings and a lack of expectation reconciliation.

  • At meetings where you are the meeting leader yourself, the situation is not much better. The agenda will be sent out the day before the meeting, far from as well-worked as you would like. The meeting is discussed in many directions without structure and without any concrete decisions being taken. After the meeting, no one knows what is going to happen or what has been agreed upon. One month later, you call a "status meeting" but far too little has been done!

  • Your workdays are already long, and you could easily stay another hour or two. There's more than enough to do. When you finally have time off, your head is spinning with work-related tasks, and you don't quite have the feeling of relaxing and recharging your batteries as you should. You're not satisfied with the situation, and maybe you don't sleep well at night.

It doesn't have to be like that! There are many things you can do to change your work situation. We have trained over 5,000 managers and can quickly identify and provide you with the methods and tools that can and solve your problems.


NYE Visioner can make you an even better leader, and we can help you significantly increase your market value. We teach you how to get a bigger overview, control your things and work more efficiently and professionally.

Businessman with Glasses

in this course you will learn:

  • To get more time for management, development of your employees, implementation of strategic plans and customer focus.

  • To manage your time instead of being controlled.

  • To get a 100% overview of all your tasks so that you have the right focus and therefore make the right planning and prioritization.

  • To spend time on the things that create the most value in your work and for the company.

  • The basic rules for efficient email processing, so you can keep your inbox in 0.

  • To ensure systematic progress in all your projects.

  • To conduct world-class 1:1's with your employees.

  • To follow up on all the things you have delegated and to drive the focus areas you are responsible for.

  • To draw up plans that last – both in the short and the long run.

  • To be an efficient and professional meeting facilitator.

  • To systematize your meeting preparation to improve and take less time.

  • To follow up on decisions from meetings.

  • To create better results for yourself and the company.

  • Taking time off - when you have time off :-)

 You get a minimum of 60 minutes more a day. And last but not least, you increase the company's competitiveness and bottom line.

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